Monday, November 16, 2015


Have you ever just sat and thought about your life. It's humbling. Sometimes when I try and look at it from God's perspective, I am overwhelmed by HIS GRACE. So I try to say thanks. When the seasons change and we move from one to another it is like a breath of fresh air for me. Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, but Summer to Fall is my favorite.... The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. So my card for today represents THANKFULNESS for God's loving kindness for not leaving us in the cold too long or the heat too long. 

I die cut a mask from a leaf and placed it on my card. I used my PEERLESS water colors for this. I love how easy they are to use. You could blend them out more but I wanted kind of like and x-ray look where you could see the layer beneath. I then framed it with black card stock. Then I used a momenta embossing folder for the gray pannel and put in on a smoky gray cardstock base.

this is how I store mine. I got a business card holder from the dollar store. I cut business size water color paper and inked just a swatch so it would show through. I then cut a swatch from each color and adhered it on the top.  I did it in rainbow order so I can see from a glance which color I want Easy peazy when the swatch is done I just cut a new one and adhere. My colors never contaminate because if I flip the page it is protected by the page sheet or the cover. Each one holds 48 colors. I have one for the rainbow and I have another for browns and grays.

Here is a close up of the sentiment 

PSALS 118:29

I hope you join me and all the talented design team members in this GIVE THANKS challenge
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Hope you enJOYed


  1. It really is humbling and every day I say thank you and can't believe the road that has lead me to where I am today. Fantastical card and that central image of the leaf is so pure. Your sentiment is awesome sauce! Thanks for sharing this design and thoughts behind it. ~Niki

  2. I love your beautiful card! The background colors you created
    are fantastic.
    Thank you for always encouraging me

  3. Such a great post and beautiful card!

  4. Great card. I've been looking for a way to store my Peerless watercolors and YOU have posted what I've been looking for! Thank for sharing your storage solution.

    1. Oh MA... you are so welcome.. So glad it helped. It is really inexpensive and a handy size. Happy Watercoloring