Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Copic markers

Yesterday was the first day of online COPIC class. I am a little behind.. this work thing really gets in the way of my play time ;) Our homework assignment was to practice, practice, practice using 2 and 3 color blending

this is the homework sheet. I really had a lot of fun. Coloring makes you focus on that. Not on life's problems or things that should have your attention like, making the bed, sweeping, or getting out of your pajama's! So color I did! Then I cut them all out and made this cute little diddy. 
I used a bouquet  flower stem  as the strings for my balloons (SU) and it came with that cute little bow to tie it with. I inked it with blue to make the blue balloon stand out a bit. I then stamped the Happy Birthday and covered it with glitter. I also glittered the bow. After all a birthday without a little glitter just doesn't feel right, and me going to work without glitter on me somewhere doesn't feel right. RIGHT? I hope you enJOY this little post of mine. I am off to get started on day 2.
(which is today lol) that reminds of a little saying my grandma had embroidered in her kitchen which was all pink with black accents. She embroidered on PINK gingham with black lettering 
" Only Robinson Crusoe got his work done by friday"
  In 1964 it was a tv series. Robinson Crusoe gets shipwrecked on an island and frees  a slave from being sacrificed. He did this on friday and since there was a language barrier, that is what he named him. And he did some of his work for him because he was grateful. I am rambling!


  1. Love the card with the balloons from the homework sheet :)