Sunday, September 28, 2014

Online Copic Card Class Week 1

Ok this is homework catch up :) for Days 2-5. So on day 2 is blending tricks and tips.
 This bird and butterfly turned out to be my favorite.... lol but they are almost the same colors.

 Day 3 was getting more milage out of your markers by adding grey. This is what got me behind.. Because I didn't have any grey.. so off to HOBBY LOBBY with my family and coupons, and this is the updated color chart, with grey sketch the n series and blue sea and sky series  a VO6 and a R22. It really helped me to play with what I had and then I could figure out what I needed.. or wanted rather.. Do we really need more markers? LOL

so here is my practice sheet on adding grey. If you notice down in the left hand corner a circle around a color, that is actually chocolate which makes all coloring easier.

Day 4 was turning on the lights, I think this was my favorite so far, nature is very forgiving.
 Day 5 was coloring skin hair and clothing.. not my fav but I did it. My second one looks like an alien with an orange face LOL.
This cute an adorable ballerina drawn by Kristina Werner herself.. She is so talented in my book.
Well I think I am all caught up now.. but the nice thing is you can really work at your own pace and you have a lifetime access with these classes. I think the tips and techniques are fantastic and with the homework they provide for you is the same as the teacher is working on so it makes it easy to learn. 


  1. I think you did a fantastic job with your coloring! I am taking the class too, but am struggling, not because the class isn't awesome, because my coloring isn't. . . lol!! Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Thank you Maureen.. I think we are the most hard critic with our selves.. I look at mine and think oh I need so much practice... Lets hang in there together!!!!

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