Sunday, August 10, 2014


Have you ever lain in the grass as a kid and looked up at the sky and made things out of the clouds. When I was a kid we went to the river every summer. This was part of my every summer ritual. I would lay on the deck of the boat or on a inner tube or even just float in the water. It was very peaceful. That is what todays class reminded me of. Getting back to being a kid and play... with color and your stuff. Outline stamps is the focus. Which immediately reminded me that when I got this set it is kind of sketchy outline. When I was finished watercoloring it reminded me of those clouds I was talking about and what this lady would see if she were to look up from her bible ( that is what I think she is holding and writing in ). I believe God would spell it out for her. That she is BEAUTIFUL just the way she is, in that peaceful moment of worship. Details won't be included in this description of the products I used today, go and use your imagination and lay in the grass under a tree and see what God will whisper to you through the clouds. 


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  2. Beautiful! I love your interpretation. I have the same stamp set but had imagined it to be a woman writing her book while at the beach, just as I do sometimes.

    1. Sharon, I think that is the beauty of art. It speaks to your soul to interpret to learn and to sometimes just be still and listen. :)