Friday, August 15, 2014


To day we were encouraged to just play. So play I did. This is a piece of watercolor paper  die cut with a circle and embossed many many times to cover the area. I did it over and over again trying to get the look Jennifer did with the silver. So underneath this poppy color is lots and lots of silver I then embossed the Just For You stamp and attempted to have it just blend.... well I did something wrong lol... but I was determined to suceed and not let a lot of embossing powder get the best of me. :) So I just started layering the poppy and I was going to do the reverse and have the silver be the stamp. Well it was so thick by this time I took the stamp and just stuck it in it because I could see the outline anyway. 

I continued to play with the embossing powders ( I really like the look of the multiple that Jennifer had done ) Well I found a iridescent peacock in my stash. So I stamped on black paper and then the frame on blue paper and topped it off with a white gel pen. These are pretty simplistic and I think they need a little something, but I have to go to work.... Hey it's almost Saturday so I can PLAY then. Hope you enJOY.


  1. How the heck did you do that poppy one, making it look like you stamped into hot wet embossing powder?? Doesn't the stamp stick in it? That is soooo cool!!! I just could not get it right no matter how hard I tried but I had fun trying!!

    1. Very_inky_fingers... I did stamp it into the hot embossing powder... :). I did multiple layers of silver (about 5) then I was attempting to do what Jennifer did and it didn't work. It smeared really bad. so then I thought, I will just reverse it and stamp my image in silver on top of the poppy color but I could see the outline underneath.. So I just stuck it in there while it was really hot. let it cool then pulled it out. try it

  2. This looks pretty cool! Love the impression the stamp gave. Have fun playing!