Monday, September 29, 2014

Coffee and U

Good morning again, Here is another little quick card that has a little story behind it. I love stories! don't you? (when I have the time to read them)
 I made this card with my best friend in mind. We both love coffee and each other. We have known each other since High School and we now can say it is past our 30th year reunion. Thats a long time and a lot of coffee together. Any way My name is LesLee and begins with L, Her name is Staci and begins with S. Back then Lavern and Shirley were big on TV Here is a little link for Lavern and Shirley theme song we would be called that because of the trouble that would sometimes fall upon us but that is for another blog post. LOL. Well if you are familiar with that TV show Lavern would always wear a BIG L on her shirt. This LOVE die the L is separate from ove part, so when I was making this card for her all these wonderful memories came flooding back of her's and mine childhood.
anyway that is my story and this is the card. Hope you enJOY.

Good Morning. Today I am joining Chaitali who is hosting  a coffee lovers blog hop. This is the link to start coffee blog hop It has been REVVING up on that Monday September 29 is National Coffee Day. There are some optional questions to answer if you want 
1. When did you start drinking coffee? 
    I didn't start drinking coffee till I was in my late 20's when all the flavors started coming out. It has been said that I just use the coffee to get the creamer in my system. 
2. What is favorite brand (you can name up to three). 
   I like a dark roast. Seattle's is really good ( you can find it at the local gas station down the street from my house and how convenient that it is on my way to work :
3. What is the most amazing coffee that you had? Remember where and when?
   I spent 3 weeks in Spain in 2008, I stayed in downtown Madrid. I don't know if it was just because I was in a different Country (for the first time) or that is was my birthday or what but I went to go see the Beauty and the Beast and went for coffee afterward in a tiny little bistro. It was the best cup of coffee ever.
4. If I don't drink my needed coffee, I will...
   Be off my daily routine! 
For your listening pleasure I have some links for your enjoyment:

Now onto the card. 
This is a flip card. The images are from Paper Smooches except for the little smiley face. The sentiment is one I have had in my stash for years and I don't know who it is from. It is on craft card stock and some patterned paper that I have had in my stash forever as well. 

I hope you enJOY. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Online Copic Card Class Week 1

Ok this is homework catch up :) for Days 2-5. So on day 2 is blending tricks and tips.
 This bird and butterfly turned out to be my favorite.... lol but they are almost the same colors.

 Day 3 was getting more milage out of your markers by adding grey. This is what got me behind.. Because I didn't have any grey.. so off to HOBBY LOBBY with my family and coupons, and this is the updated color chart, with grey sketch the n series and blue sea and sky series  a VO6 and a R22. It really helped me to play with what I had and then I could figure out what I needed.. or wanted rather.. Do we really need more markers? LOL

so here is my practice sheet on adding grey. If you notice down in the left hand corner a circle around a color, that is actually chocolate which makes all coloring easier.

Day 4 was turning on the lights, I think this was my favorite so far, nature is very forgiving.
 Day 5 was coloring skin hair and clothing.. not my fav but I did it. My second one looks like an alien with an orange face LOL.
This cute an adorable ballerina drawn by Kristina Werner herself.. She is so talented in my book.
Well I think I am all caught up now.. but the nice thing is you can really work at your own pace and you have a lifetime access with these classes. I think the tips and techniques are fantastic and with the homework they provide for you is the same as the teacher is working on so it makes it easy to learn. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Copic markers

Yesterday was the first day of online COPIC class. I am a little behind.. this work thing really gets in the way of my play time ;) Our homework assignment was to practice, practice, practice using 2 and 3 color blending

this is the homework sheet. I really had a lot of fun. Coloring makes you focus on that. Not on life's problems or things that should have your attention like, making the bed, sweeping, or getting out of your pajama's! So color I did! Then I cut them all out and made this cute little diddy. 
I used a bouquet  flower stem  as the strings for my balloons (SU) and it came with that cute little bow to tie it with. I inked it with blue to make the blue balloon stand out a bit. I then stamped the Happy Birthday and covered it with glitter. I also glittered the bow. After all a birthday without a little glitter just doesn't feel right, and me going to work without glitter on me somewhere doesn't feel right. RIGHT? I hope you enJOY this little post of mine. I am off to get started on day 2.
(which is today lol) that reminds of a little saying my grandma had embroidered in her kitchen which was all pink with black accents. She embroidered on PINK gingham with black lettering 
" Only Robinson Crusoe got his work done by friday"
  In 1964 it was a tv series. Robinson Crusoe gets shipwrecked on an island and frees  a slave from being sacrificed. He did this on friday and since there was a language barrier, that is what he named him. And he did some of his work for him because he was grateful. I am rambling!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Online Card Class  Copic markers for card makers. Home work. We are supposed to try our favorite color combo's so yesterday off to Hobby Lobby I went (my son and hubby went with me) all of armed with $ and coupon. After all it is one per customer per day :) so I picked out some Copic trio's. 3 to be exact lol. I got the blending trio#5 = Y00 Y13 and Y18. Color fusion #4 YR20 YR23 and YR27 and Color fusion #2 RV000 RV52 and RV55. What I got added to my stash pretty nicely I think. This was cheaper for me than order online. However when I got home I was playing around on the computer and I found DickBlicks they have 34% off  Copic markers right now. So if that helps you here is the link So I printed out our homework on some different types of card stock so I could play today after the ink dried over night. And this is it:
I am not worried about coloring out of the lines as of yet. I am only concerned about playing with the blending. I put on some background noise (music lol) and colored away. It reminded me of being at my grandparents house when I was little. They had a big big roll of brown paper that they would roll out and give all the grand kids space to lay on the floor and color or draw to our hearts content. Such happy memories. Any who Hope you all have a very blessed day and enJOY your Sunday. God Bless and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hi all. New class I am taking online. Copic MARKERS for card makers. It is not too late to sign up if you are interested. I can't wait for class to get started on 9/22 but they do have some info now to get started. I have ordered my paper. (waiting patiently.... come on Simon!) This is a picture of my markers that I do have. Very few. But from what I have seen so far the possiblities are limitless.